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Why A2J

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Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial at Yerba Buena Gardens in San Francisco

Living in a free society requires that we trust our institutions to be just and fair. Unfortunately, a vast majority of Americans don’t have equal access to justice (A2J). This isn’t just a low-income problem. Even if people have resources, the reality is that for most Americans access is effectively denied because the justice system is so overly complex that those in need of services get lost as soon as they begin looking for help. In a democracy, this is unacceptable and needs immediate attention from our institutions, courts, lawmakers, and the legal services industry. 

Change needs to come at all points of the system; at the root of the regulatory framework; and at direct-access points. 

At “A Just Society,” I will explore these issues. The blog will feature the people implementing change and experimenting with solutions, talk to those who are effectively barred access, and discuss what the futurists envision so that we all can benefit from a just society.

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